Application Migration

The client was looking for a solution to create a hybrid environment with Azure resources and wanted to modernize their legacy application and work culture. The client was using an on-premises VPN device for traffic encryption, but the app firmware was out of date. They wanted to use Azure services to create long-lasting, secure, and dependable applications.

Implement best practices for application migration and integration of Azure services into the application, Azure DevOps deployment strategy, and user authentication flow with Azure AD

Azure Media Service

The Client required an Azure solution to broadcast a live session with the internal team following the lockdown and to broadcast the live inauguration of the AM Naik Tower in Mumbai.

Developed an application to use Azure Media Service and broadcast a live stream, and set up an Azure web app environment and Azure Media Service to encode the stream.

Microservice App Migration

The client desired to migrate their on-premises microservice application to Azure, with automation and triggered functionality. The customer has diversified verticals while adhering to strict IT security guidelines. Given the vastness of the environment.

Migrated microservice from on-premises to Azure App Service with all configurations, design function app with PostgreSQL for automation

Design Elastic Pool Autoscaling API

Elastic pools in Azure SQL Database are a simple, cost-effective solution for managing and scaling multiple databases with varying and unpredictable usage demands.

However, it is extremely difficult to load distribution and remove unused databases in a set of elastic pools in order to resolve this issue. I created a solution that distributes the load and creates a new database based on the requirements.

Azure AD authentication integration

Every organization looking for a single sign-on solution for their new application, Single sign-on is an authentication method that allows users to sign in using one set of credentials to multiple independent software systems

The Azure Active Directory Seamless Single Sign-On (Azure AD Seamless SSO) automatically signs users in when they are on their corporate devices connected to your corporate network. I configured Single sign-on authentication for the application and as well for the APIs.