My Work

What I do

From understanding the requirements to designing, implementing, and delivering enterprise architecture for application, modernization, information management, and cloud computing product architectures across a suite of Cloud services.

Azure Architect

To design a robust, secure solution and provision cloud resources with the advanced configuration that includes all industry-standard best practices that will assist you in achieving your business goal.


Implementing Automation with Azure DevOps for the application and the resource management, improves the product delivery and enables Greater visibility into system outcomes

App Modernization

An application modernization process involves upgrading a legacy application and making it cloud-native in order to improve application capability, security, performance, and app future ready.

App development

Designing cloud-native applications, coding, application management, troubleshooting, monitoring updates, preventing security threats, and providing end-user support are all responsibilities. in relation to the application

Microservice architect

Microservices aid in the reduction of development complexity. Maintained services that can be upgraded as business dynamics change and work processes need to be remodeled to reflect real-world working.

Kubernetes & docker

In several ways, Kubernetes distinguishes itself from the crowd of container orchestration solutions. It is unquestionably the best option for managing modern container deployments in an efficient, flexible, and business-friendly manner.

My Latest Work